We can jump and decide when to come down U_u

By my dear friends Claudio Giambusso (Tumblr&Vimeo) and Alice Stefani
You can find this work published on LeganerdFubiz, 40Fakes, Petapixel, Fstoppers and DigitalRev

Organized by: Claudio Giambusso, Alice Stefani, Ivan Borov
Directed by: Claudio Giambusso, Alice Stefani
Music by: Valerio Sizzi
Video backstage by: Filippo Valluzzi
Director of photography: Manuel Neglia, Mattia Campo

Special Thanks to:
Maurizio Costa (in charge of photo studio IED Milano)

Teodora Filipova
Julie Luchsinger
Kaisha Davierwalla
Marta Mangiucca
Ascanio Mellini
Francesca Mesiano
Manuel Neglia
Francesca Ferrari

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Lets advertise for people that work hard. This video is a mapping test by my friend Claudio Giambusso.

Still waiting for colors dude, but you’re doing it good.

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  • 3 years ago
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